Funeral Protocol

Words of Consolation

Pastor Arthur Jackson III, ministerial staff, Diaconate and the Antioch church family have joined in prayer as you grieve the passing of your loved one. May you know the Lord’s comfort and may His love surround you during this time of loss.

Because the transition from life temporal to life eternal is such a sensitive time, we have established procedures to assist you through the bereavement process. As you follow these guidelines you may be assured that everything will be done for your comfort and convenience.

We will do our very best to honor your reasonable requests as we are able. We know that Home going Services are worship services designed to comfort and encourage the family and bring Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Policies and Procedures

At the time our services are needed please contact the church at 305-624-8170 and advise us of your loss.  The office manager will establish a time for the family to meet and establish the date and time of the service and the approximate number of persons for the family meal (if requested). The church administrative office is responsible for contacting the appropriate parties at the church with the preliminary data and requests you have provided. Our prayer team and ministers will call during the initial period of grief. They will have prayer and minister to the family on behalf of the Senior Pastor and the Antioch family.


The office manager will work in coordination with the family and funeral director on the following arrangements:

  1. Preferred date and time of service;
  2. estimated number of attendees;
  3. special needs;
  4. finalize the service program;
  5. location of the service; and
  6. delivery of flowers and other articles.

Arrival of Your Loved One

Your loved one should arrive at the church at least 1/2 hour before the service begins. The hearse should park in front of the church’s main entrance. Your loved one will be brought into the sanctuary through the main entrance, and placed to the center of the pulpit. Flowers should be brought in the same way and arranged in a manner not to impede entrance to the pulpit .


The hearse and cars belonging to the funeral home and family should be lined up in front of the edifice if at all possible. There is ample parking in the Antioch Church parking lots. Upon conclusion of the service, cars going to the interment should line up as instructed by the funeral director.


The processional will proceed down the center aisle with individuals walking in pairs. The order of line-up is as follows:

– Officiating Minister
– Other Clergy
– Diaconate
– Family Members

The officiating minister and pulpit participants should continue to the pulpit. Other clergy, diaconate and program participants should continue processional and seat to the far left side of the pulpit beginning on the first row. All other guests will sit in the rows behind the family and as instructed by the ushers.

At the conclusion of the service, the funeral director will give flowers to the designated flower bearers who will proceed up the center aisle after the Pastors, Diaconate and line up on the sidewalk closest to the church. The pallbearers will follow the direction of the funeral director and place the casket into the hearse.