What We Believe

Our Mission

The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church is a Word-centered ministry existing to evangelize the lost, to equip and empower God’s people, and to lead them to eternal salvation in Christ Jesus. We are the holistic ministry for our community.

As Christ loves all people, our purpose is to reach out in love to everyone. Our goal is to impact the Miami-Dade and Broward counties with a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural ministry, with the focal point being Jesus Christ.

As Christ ministers to the total person, we strive to become an oasis of hope, addressing spiritual, emotional, and physical needs in tangible ways.

Our model for excellence in all things is Christ. We commit ourselves to the spirit of excellence. We seek the highest, the finest, and the best that God has for us. We strive to honor Him and serve one another in this same spirit of excellence.

Our commitment is to Christ and our foundation is the Word of God in its entirety. We believe we can do what the Word says we can do, be who it says we can be, and have what it says we can have.

Our Core Values

The Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Family believes that prayer is to be offered to God; love is to be extended to one another; our bodies are to be kept in a way that is holy; as stewards, we are to be found faithful; and as Believers, we are to reach the world for Christ.

Our mission and values can be contained in the acronym H.E.L.P.S.: Holiness, Evangelism, Love, Prayer, and Stewardship.