Youth Ministries

Our Youth are one of the most dynamic and exciting areas of ministry at Antioch with a focus of helping youth connect their heart to the heart of God. Youth of all ages will find that our focus in everything is Jesus Christ. Our mission is to equip our youths with a panoramic view of the Word that will give them the examples needed to make a Christ like decision in whatever situation they are in.

The youth ministry has a wide category of ministries that will give spiritual guidance, stimulate the mind in a Christ like way, and foster Godly fellowship. In Youth Church your child will experience engaging age-appropriate teaching, worship and praise music and activities like drama, dance and mentoring ministries that will point your child toward a daily relationship with Christ.

Barnabas (Evangelism)
Our evangelism ministry, which is also known as C.O.P.S. (Children Offering A Perfect Savior), is designed to keep the great commission that Jesus gave his disciples which is to “Go into the hedges and highways and compel them to come into the house of God that it might be filled” (Luke 14:23). This ministry reaches out to those in the community that have not yet given their lives to Christ by ministering to meet their spiritual needs through the word of God.
Groomers is a program that will focus on the proper grooming of young men from personal hygiene to tying a necktie. This is for the ages of 5-17. It is to provide instruction as well as mentorship for the future men of tomorrow.
Korah (Praise and Worship)
This ministry’s purpose is to lead the congregation (youth) before the presence of God, ushering in an atmosphere where transformation takes place and the ministering of the Word flows in the Spirit. The Korah team members lead worship for all worship services, Bible Study, conferences, revivals, and any additional special services.
Johanine (New Disciples)
This ministry exists to teach new believers the essentials of the Christian faith and that by teaching these, new believers are encouraged to become Disciples of Christ.
Miriam (Dance)

The Dance component teaches the dancers that all gifts and talents are given to us from God and we are to take those same gifts and offer it back to the Lord. We bring dancers into a deeper knowledge of God and His kingdom building business. Thus allowing them to be effective vessels by:

  • Showing others how their talents can be used to glorify God the Father,
  • Ministering praises unto God in the form of dance with His word being the foundation,
  • Bringing about healing to the spirit, wholeness to the soul and complementing the preached Word.

We uplift the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with the clapping of our hands and the stomping of our feet, and creative and jubilant dancing, while at the same time, using biblical chants and scriptures to minister the word of God to the “saved” as well as the “unsaved.” We bring the youth together in bible study and fellowship. To show men, women, boys, and girls of all ages, that living for Jesus Christ can be fun, enjoyable, and exciting.