Evangelism Ministries

Just as Jesus performed miracles in the feeding of the four thousand and the five thousand with small fish and loaves of bread, our feeding ministry has been designed to feed the multitudes of hungry people in the community.  This ministry is made up of people who have a mind to serve the less fortunate. They volunteer at The Daily Bread food bank which supplies food that is distributed each 3rd Saturday, along with donations by other resources to meet the needs of those that are without food within our targeted ministry area. This ministry serves at the Miami Rescue Mission and the Broward Outreach Center preparing and serving hot meals as well as supplying clothes and shoes to the mission. Our ministry donates to the meal a month club, toy drives for Christmas and other special events.

Intercessory Prayer
Serves as a channel to spiritually educate both adults and children on how to obtain and maintain an effective prayer life using the Word of God to relate to our everyday lives, teaching us how to cope with situations or circumstances that arise through prayer.  We guide those wanting to increase their Biblical knowledge so that they can effectively communicate with God and the Gospel of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This ministry seeks to reach beyond the boundaries of our local community to spread the gospel of Christ, by precept and example.  Through the preaching of the Word, and acts of kindness, our mission is to bring all who seek Him, a greater revelation of His life, His teachings and be a demonstrable witness of His power through the outworking of His Spirit. Our current key areas of focus include international and local missions:
We support the preaching of the gospel and a local orphanage.
We support a youth development program that provides economic, community and personal development programs for youth living in Chipata Zambia.
American Red Cross
We partner with the American Red Cross to develop local volunteers and equip them in preparation for local emergency disasters through our shelter management training.
American Cancer Society
Through this partnership members are encouraged to volunteer for fundraising initiatives in support of the fight against cancer.  Our yearly fundraising event is the Relay for Life of Northwest Dade and the Witness Project.

Takes the word of God to those that are incarcerated. We seek those with a willing heart and a boldness to proclaim the word that will set the captive free. There is a separate prison ministry for men and for women.

Our street ministry, which is also known as S.W.A.T. (Soul Winning Attack Team), is designed to keep the great commission that Jesus gave his disciples which is to “Go into the hedges and highways and compel them to come into the house of God that it might be filled.””(Luke 14:23)  This ministry reaches out to those in the community that have not yet given their lives to Christ by ministering to meet their spiritual needs through the word of God.

As a part of our congregational care the visitation ministry visits the sick and shut in members whether they are at home or in a healthcare facility.  They pray with and make sure the sick are being provided the things they need to recuperate, i.e. medications, food and personal hygiene products.